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北京市信凯律师事务所 Brief Introduction of Beijing Xinkai Law Firm




北京市信凯律师事务所是一家提供综合性法律服务的律师事务所,于 2010 年由北京市 司法局批准成立。总部位于“中国硅谷”中关村,拥有两千多平现代化办公场所及智能化办公 系统。北京市信凯律师事务所一直秉承“专业、诚信、高效、务实”的工作作风,坚持“客户至 上、信誉第一”的服务理念,勤勉敬业,连续多年被司法局评为“北京市优秀律师事务所”“海 淀区优秀律师事务所”,并被北京市政府采购中心列为“法律定点服务单位”。

Beijing Xinkai law firm is a law firm providing comprehensive legal services, which was approved by Beijing Judicial Bureau in 2010.Headquartered in Zhongguancun, China's Silicon Valley, it has more than 2000 square meters of modern office space and intelligent office system.Beijing Xinkai law firm has always been adhering to the working style of "professional, honest, efficient and pragmatic", adhering to the service concept of "customer first, reputation first", diligent and dedicated, and has been rated as "Beijing excellent law firm" and "Haidian District excellent law firm" by the Judicial Bureau for many consecutive years, and listed as "legal designated service unit" by Beijing government procurement center


律所业务领域介绍 Introduction of the Business Area

经过十余年的沉淀与积累,北京市信凯律师事务所逐步建立起“非诉、商事诉讼、房地 产、婚姻家事、合同、知识产权、刑事、股权架构、股权激励、企业法律风险防控、影视传 媒、企业改制并购重组、侵权/劳动/交通/行政”等专业委员会,一大批优秀的法律人正在相 关领域精耕细作。

北京市信凯律师事务所坚持走专业化、品牌化、规模化、国际化的发展道路,在公司企 业事务、婚姻继承、合同债务、知识产权保护、刑事辩护、互联网金融等领域拥有较强的业 务优势。尤其在民商法领域,实行诉讼与非诉并举,高效务实地为企事业单位及个人解决民 商法律纠纷数千起。

After more than ten years of precipitation and accumulation, Beijing Xinkai law firm has gradually established "non litigation, commercial litigation, real estate, marriage and family affairs, contract, intellectual property, criminal, equity structure, equity incentive, enterprise legal risk prevention and control, film and television media, enterprise restructuring and acquisition reorganization, infringement / labor / transportation / Administration" and other professional committees, and a large number of outstanding legal persons are Intensive cultivation in related fields.

Beijing Xinkai law firm adheres to the development path of specialization, branding, scale and internationalization, and has strong business advantages in corporate affairs, marriage inheritance, contract debt, intellectual property protection, criminal defense, Internet Finance and other fields. Especially in the field of civil and commercial law, we should carry out litigation and non litigation simultaneously, and solve thousands of civil and commercial legal disputes for enterprises, institutions and individuals efficiently and practically.

团队介绍 Team Introduction

信凯律师事务所由一批热爱并精通法律的多层次、专业型、国际化的律师队伍组成,汇 集了国内外知名法学院的专业律师近百名,专业知识精湛、学术功底深厚,其中多位律师具 有国内外法学专业硕士或博士学位,并拥有在国外学习、培训或在国外律师事务所工作的宝 贵经验。更有相当一部分律师在公、检、法以及军队等国家机关从事过多年司法工作的经历, 积累了丰富的办案经验和人脉资源。多位律师被司法局授予“优秀律师”、“优秀公益律师”等 荣誉称号。

Xinkai law firm is composed of a group of multi-level, professional and international lawyers who love and are proficient in law. It has gathered nearly 100 professional lawyers from well-known law schools at home and abroad, with exquisite professional knowledge and profound academic site. Many of them have master's or doctor's degrees in law at home and abroad, and have studied, trained or worked in foreign law firms Our valuable experience. A considerable number of lawyers have been engaged in judicial work for many years in the public security, procuratorates, courts, military and other state department, and have accumulated rich case handling experience and contact resources. Many lawyers have been awarded the honorary titles of "excellent lawyer" and "excellent public lawyer" by the Judicial Bureau.








未来愿景:“服务法治社会 建设一流律所”。 当前,信凯律师事务所专业律师团队齐心协力,为广大企业、个人客户提供优质、高效的法律服务;未来,信凯律师事务所将继续探索,总结前行,为打造成为国际一流律师事务所而不懈努力。